The Autumns




Fake Noise from a Box of Toys

Released 2007 on Bella Union. 

Produced by Jamie Seyberth and Ted Scarlet

Fake Noise From a Box of Toys was the fourth full-length from The Autumns. It broke radically new ground for the group, displaying a more aggressively swift, though still captivating, sound. The songs range from the thrillingly intricate and infectious Clem -- which one critic described as "Shellac covering Big Star" -- to the charming, lullaby-like The Beautiful Boot. Features the singles Boys and Killer in Drag.



Released 2004 on Bella Union. 

Produced by Jamie Seyberth

At last, The Autumns have captured the energy of their live show without compromising their aesthetic. Former producer, Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins describes the record as "sumptuous, visionary, ambitious, magnificent and unique in many ways." You will not be disappointed.


In the Russet Gold of this Vain Hour

Released 2000 on Risk Records. 

Produced by Simon Raymonde

The second full-length from The Autumns marked a significant departure from their earlier sound. Stark, angular, and - by most accounts - dark, Russet Gold is a beautiful, sophisticated collection of songs. High points include Bicycle and live favorite Boy with the Aluminum Stilts. "A heady mixture of textured guitars, string sections, and earnest lyrics." (Alternative Press) " ...moody, quiet, and lovely...a very worthwhile record." (MTV Online).


The Angel Pool

Released 1997 on Risk Records. 

Produced by Andrew D. Prickett

Established the band as "the top third-generation shoegazer band" and garnered a miraculous amount of positive press: "A hypnotic pop masterpiece" (Flipside); "**** - a fine debut" (; "melodically pristine" (CMJ). Features Sunblush and Glass in Lullabies.

Singles & Eps



Released 2007

Boys is the first single from Fake Noise From a Box of Toys. It signals The Autumns' adoption of an unmistakably more vigorous and dynamic musical posture. Razor-sharp guitars engage a rhythmic juggernaut, propping up a soaring chorus that just might be one for the books. B-side Joy is a glistening pop gem, as delicate as it is beautiful.


Every Sunday Sky



Released in a limited edition of 150 in 2003. The EP was given away at a fundraising concert put on by the band to help raise the money needed to mix their self-titled third album.


Covers (EP)

Released in a limited edition of 500 in 2001.


Le Carillon (EP)

Released 2001

A twelve-minute EP that took over three years to make. Each of these four 3-minute songs are minor masterpieces of the pop form. Gorgeous melodies, elegant guitars, and clever winks to the 50s-era love song abound. Features the single Quite plus Slow Kiss and She Whispers the Winter Snow.


Boy With the Aluminum Stilts


Winter in a Silver Box (EP)

Released in 1998. It had a limited pressing of 1,000 copies.


Suicide at Strell Park (EP)

Released 1997

The Autumns' debut 4-song EP. Features what is perhaps the most beloved Autumns song ever recorded, Pale Trembles a Gale.


White Nights (Psychic TV cover) / Callin' Out to Jesus in the Middle of the Night - Lift to Experience